1.2 - popular music and classical music compared - what is music?

Anastasia Swift asked a question: 1.2 - popular music and classical music compared - what is music?
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🔎 Popular classical music: how popular is classical music?

Classical Music in the US So how popular is classical music in the U.S.? According to billboard/Nielsen, classical music had an overall 1% share of the market in 2019, or 12th out of 12 genres....

🔎 What makes classical music popular?

Whereas most popular styles are usually written in song form, classical music is noted for its development of highly sophisticated instrumental musical forms, like the concerto, symphony and sonata. Classical music is also noted for its use of sophisticated vocal/instrumental forms, such as opera.

🔎 What makes classical music unique compared to other genres?

Classical music has a lighter, clearer texture than baroque music and is less complex… Variety of keys, melodies, rhythms and dynamics (using crescendo,diminuendo and sforzando), along with frequent changes of mood and timbre were more commonplace in the classical period than they had been in the baroque.

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By the end, we hope all of us have become more human (enriched our personalities) and had a rollicking good time! 1.1 - Introduction 5:44. 1.2 - Popular Music and Classical Music Compared 6:31. 1.3 - Music and Emotions 4:40. 1.4 - How Do We Hear Music? Sound Waves and the Ear 6:41.

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I used to be under the impression that classical music is superior to popular music, for obvious reasons. One, there are all of the rules one should follow, and two, the length of time it takes to compose a piece and put together a performance. Then again, when you listen to popular music, be it ...

Compared to popular music, classical music seems like a specialty. But classical music contains specialties within itself-early music and new music-compared to which most of the classical music televised on "Great Performances" seems like a popular art. Classical music is not often defined by being compared to popular music, or to early and new music; more often it is considered the norm which ...

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Baroque music ( US: /bəˈroʊk/ or UK: /bəˈrɒk/) is a period or style of Western art music composed from approximately 1600 to 1750. This era followed the Renaissance music era, and was followed in turn by the Classical era. Baroque music forms a major portion of the " classical music " canon, and is now widely studied,...

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r/classicalmusic: Whether you're a musician, a newbie, a composer or a listener, welcome. Please turn off your phone, and applaud between threads …

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How is classical music different from popular music?

Classical melodies have a more complex structure, tend to have longer repeated phrases, and can be much more challenging, and more rewarding, to learn and perform. Rhythm: The main advantage pop music has over classical music is that pop music tends to be more rhythmically sophisticated.

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Why is classical music popular in europe?

The overall musical culture is still dominated by popular music. However, it's certainly true that the classical music heritage is more “visible” in Europe than in North America. The simple reason for this is that virtually all the “great composers” have been European - the Bachs, Beethovens, Mozarts, etcetera.

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What are some popular songs of music theater classical?

Bizet's opera Carmen from 1875 is jam-packed with catchy tunes – from the 'Toreador's Song' to the 'Habanera' and the aria 'L'amour est un oiseau rebelle' to the Overture itself.. Bizet's music has appeared most recently in the Pixar film Up. Sesame Street also did a pretty epic cover, not to forget Tom and Jerry's homage.. What many might not know is that Carmen was a pretty groundbreaking ...

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What are the most popular pieces of classical music?

  • Most Famous Classical Music Pieces. 1. Cello Concerto in E Minor Op.85: Edward Elgar . (This is a classic recording with Jaqueline Du Pre as soloist) The Cello Concerto was completed in 1919, hot on the heels of the success of his 1910 Violin Concerto and shortly after the ending of the First World War.

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How old are popular celebrities compared?

Age is a funny thing in the world of celebrity. There's no question that ageism exists and that youth is usually rewarded (and chased), but the world also loves a legend, i.e. somebody who's been at the top of their game for a long, long time.The paired celebrities below come from such different worlds and have led such different careers that it's wild to think of them being the exact same age.

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What genre of music was popular in the early 1900s compared?

While orchestral music remained popular, in 1899, Scott Joplin began to release very new music, including his "Maple Time Rag". This began the genre of ragtime, characterized by a syncopated, ragged rhythm. 1900: Opera Became Increasingly Popular(1900 to 1960)

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What makes classical music sound classical?

Greater variety of texture/sound within individual pieces, in particular variety of dynamics. The piano was the first keyboard instrument capable of playing loud and soft (hence its full name pianoforte, literally means 'quiet-loud').

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Was classical music popular before jazz and blues?

It would be more correct to say that classical music existed for quite some time before jazz and blues. All three: Classical, jazz and blues - continue to be very popular. Some jazz musicians (Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington, and others) had some success combining elements of the two together.

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When did classical music become popular in china?

  • Western classical music has made its way into concert halls and conservatories in most major cities in China. It has also crept into traditional Chinese music and opera performances. At the same time, Chinese melodies and philosophy started influencing Western sounds in the early 19th century.

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Are popular and classical music listeners the same people?

Are Popular and Classical Music Listeners the Same People? Juan Prieto-Rodríguez & Víctor Fernández-Blanco Journal of Cultural Economics volume 24, pages 147–164 (2000)Cite this article

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What influenced classical music?

Classical values of rationalism, universality, cosmopolitism, and elegance were the artistic inspirations for Classical Era music. These Classical ideals manifested themselves in music using: Homophonic melodies to create clean, simple, texture audiences could connect with.

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What inspired classical music?

Classical music has often been inspired by jazz, and jazz by classical music… The great composers Bach, Mozart and Beethoven often improvised long pieces of music on the organ, harpsichord or piano. Sometimes they wrote these improvistions down. They were, in effect, compositions which were composed in one go.

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What is classical music?

Defining Classical Music. Classical music is a tricky genre, mainly because to the uninformed everything before jazz sounds like it!

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What makes music classical?

What makes classical musical classical is the values of the people who make it, who love it, and who view the world through its frame. Pictured: Mozart Sonata K331. Image mannheimmerphil via Flickr ( Creative Commons 4.0 ).

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What was classical music?

Classical music is art music produced or rooted in the traditions of Western culture, generally considered to have begun in Europe after the fall of the Western Roman Empire in the late 5th century CE and continuing to present day.

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Why is classical music called classical music?

We use classical music (small ‘c’) to mean Western instrumental, orchestral, vocal and choral music – created for both secular and sacred settings. But you may have also heard ‘classical’ in the context of the Classical era of music, roughly 1750-1830 and encompassing composers such as Mozart , Haydn and early Beethoven (although some say he kicked off the next era, the Romantic era (1830-1900) really).

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What animal likes classical music?

The movements describe different animals, from livestock like “Hens and Roosters” to wild animals like “Kangaroos” and “The Elephant.” The movement “Fossiles” alludes to popular musical “fossils”, such as “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, “Au Claire de la Lune,” and Saint- Saëns’ own Danse Macabre.

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What app identifies classical music?

SoundHound makes it simple to identify music playing around you. Whether you're in the car or out and about — open the app, hit the big orange SoundHound button, let your phone listen for a few seconds, and we'll tell you exactly what's playing!

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What does 'classical music' mean?

One of the first things you learn when you're introduced to classical music is that the term "classical" most properly describes music composed from about 1750 to 1820. That includes the work of Haydn and Mozart, but only most of Beethoven. It doesn't include Bach — or Wagner.

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What is a classical music?

Classical music refers to a very definite period in the history of music, which is called the classical period. The music that was written in that time is called classical music, and Scheherezade simply wasn't written in that time. But this music was. [ORCH: Mozart - Piano Concerto no. 21]

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What is baroque classical music?

Baroque music (UK: /bəˈrɒk/ or US: /bəˈroʊk/) is a period or style of Western art music composed from approximately 1600 to 1750… Baroque music forms a major portion of the "classical music" canon, and is now widely studied, performed, and listened to.

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What is classical music about?

Asking what is about classical music is a very broad question. Classical music usually has to do with orquestras, chamber music, chorales, and solo istrumental works. There are different eras in classical music in which the music portrays a different philosophy or feelings. The most common eras are the baroque(1500s-) with composers like J.S Bach. Classical(1700-) with composers like Mozart and Beethoven. Romantic (1800s-) With composers like Rachmaninoff, Chopin, Liszt, Brahms, Puccini. Modern or Impressionists( 1900s-) composers like Claude Debussy, Maurice Ravel, Prokofiev, Rimsky Korsakov, Igor Stravinsky. Contemporary( Alive Composers) like Mason Bates, John Cage, Carl Vine, Philip Glass.

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What is modern classical music?

Some classical music is called frank sirnarta.

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